How to properly use AI to create Artwork without being an Artist

I can’t paint or draw to save my life. But I can type pretty damned fast. I wanted to fool around and see what I could get AI to create for me that would be a good starting point or inspiration for painting something.



First I went to the ChatGPT page and asked it to do this;



“Write a text prompt for a AI art generation software that would fit the art style of Bob Ross but add in Star Wars ships and explosions” and it came back with this prompt;



“”Create a mesmerizing artwork in the beloved style of Bob Ross, blending the serene beauty of nature with the thrilling universe of Star Wars. Paint a tranquil landscape featuring majestic mountains, winding rivers, and lush forests, while seamlessly incorporating iconic Star Wars ships soaring through the skies and dramatic explosions illuminating the horizon. Let your imagination blend the peaceful serenity of Bob Ross’ art with the epic energy of Star Wars, capturing the harmony and excitement of two contrasting worlds colliding on the canvas.”



I then went to and pasted this into their prompt. It gave me this to start;





This is a low resolution file obviously. If you want hi-res you need to pay. In the future if I need something higher-res I will give it another try and pay if I like the results.



I then stepped over to Bing as they have free content creation .Image Creator from Microsoft Bing This is what Bing created;







Its different and definitely not going to hang in the Met any time soon but its still pretty cool what was produced in under a minute.


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